"Our purpose and mission is to provide choices and information to support people who are seeking more natural alternatives."  Kath and Colin Shaw

Based in rural Wiltshire, we’re a small family run company that makes all of our unique products by hand.  We were recently voted Best Small Family Business in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020.

We (Kath and Colin) began developing equine and canine protection products in 2005. From a starting point of needing high quality, affordable products for our own horses and dogs’ needs, we moved on to making and supplying them to friends and members of our riding club before finally launching them onto the market in 2010.   In recent years, our daughters Fiona and Danielle have become full-time employees and are now involved with all aspects of the business from production through to customer service and sales.

With our own pets, we prefer to feed a natural diet and use natural products on their skin and coats. We also avoid the use of steroid preparations unless absolutely necessary, and products containing harsh topical agents such as parabens.

Wherever possible, we choose ingredients in our products which are natural or are chemically analogous to natural materials. We will always choose ingredients that have the highest safety record, and that aren’t harmful to the environment. We pride ourselves on being transparent about what’s in our products, but the recipes themselves are a trade secret!

As a small company, we can maintain a high level of customer support; we always welcome emails or phone calls and will always do our best to offer advice on the use of our products. We are not vets, but we do have a long history of caring for our own animals and a fair bit of common sense. We can also share the valued experience fed back to us by our customers. 

You can send us a direct message at sales@bitebackproducts.co.uk or via our Facebook page

Our original aim remains: offering high quality products that actually work at prices people can afford, (see our CUSTOMER SERVICE CHARTER). A policy of monitoring and development (often following all-important feedback from our customers) means that we constantly seek to improve our existing products, as well as launching new ones.

"I have a chemistry background and create the products in our home-based facility. I enjoy research, sourcing the best quality raw materials, trialling and evaluating the products and keeping up to date with the latest directives regarding health and safety and trading standards. 

Since all of our products are hand made, I get great satisfaction from knowing that quality is constantly monitored and very high - it has to be since our products are used every day on our own animals." 

Kath Shaw, Technical Director, BA, ADV Dip

“Integrity is extremely important to us.  I talk to our customers on a daily basis but will never try and ‘sell’ anyone anything. 

We offer advice on using our products and can usually suggest solutions that will work, but will always say if we can’t. We benefit from fantastic ‘word of mouth’, and it’s 100% genuine – we will never incentivise anyone to say nice things about our products.”  

 Fiona Shaw, Director, B.A. Hons

"I head up the production side of things, running the workshop, managing our stock and making sure that every bottle or pot leaves us in perfect condition. I also do a lot of product testing - on my own horses!"  

Danielle Thompson, BSc. Hons

Our Company number:    10652689

VAT number:  GB 282 8519 71

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