You can trust that the continued health of you and your animals is paramount when creating Biteback Products.  We use a strict checklist when choosing ingredients:

  • Is it safe?  Have we consulted safety data and trial results on the item? Are we satisfied that this is the safest ingredient available that is fit for purpose?  
  • Is it suitable for sensitive skin? Are we satisfied that it is unlikely to cause a reaction?
  • Is it pure?  Is our supplier making careful choices of manufacturer and performing appropriate analyses?
  • Have we endeavoured to obtain the item from UK manufacturers?
  • Can we obtain this item at a reasonable price that we can pass on to our customers?
  • Is it eco-friendly?   We avoid ingredients that will cause damage to ecosystems, either by toxic ingestion (e.g. birds/bees) or via drainage into rivers and ultimately the sea

We're keen to be transparent about our ingredients (as we know this is important to animal owners), however the recipes themselves remain a trade secret!

All of our ingredients are FEI legal.


The vast majority of ingredients in our products occur naturally, shown as (N).Some of them are chemical analogues of naturally occurring substances, but manufactured in a laboratory. (NL).
Others are manufactured from naturally occurring raw materials but rarely occur in nature themselves (NM).
A few are synthetic (S).
Whatever their origin, we aim to use the best quality available from as local a source as possible.

Allantoin  (N) -  a naturally occurring substance found in comfrey root. Associated with healthy tissue growth and repair
Aloe Vera  (N) - 
a naturally occurring gel in the leaves of the plant used in many preparations to calm skin which has been exposed to environmental challenges

Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone  (NL) an organic substance used as a fragrance ingredient.  Occurs naturally.
Arnica  (N) - 
derived from the leaves of Arnica species and used in many products as a liniment
Benzyl alcohol  (NL) -
 occurs naturally in many plants. Used as a solvent for essential oils
Benzyl benzoate (NM) - 
prepared in laboratories from benzyl alcohol (N) and benzoic acid (N) both naturally occuring organic substances.  Used as an acaricide and midge bite inhibitor
Biotin (N) - 
one of the B vitamins, associated with healthy tissue growth and repair.  Used as a feed supplement
Bog Myrtle oil (N) - 
essential oil derived from the plant.  Used as a repellent to midges
Castille soap (NM) - 
the kindest soap you can get.  100% pure
Cider vinegar (N) - 
naturally occurring, used as a solvent and a pH balancer
Citriodiol (NL) - 
lemon eucalyptus oil used as natural repellent

Coumarin (N) a naturally occurring fragrance ingredient
Cyclomethicone (S) - 
a synthetic material in the silicone family used to coat the hair shaft and make it smoother and easier to manage
Emulsifying wax (NM) - 
derived from plant oils and used to thicken and mix oils with water
Epsom Salts (N) -
 naturally occurring salt, used as a solvent, water softener and in feed supplements
Flowers of Sulphur (sublimed) (N) 
a natural germicidal agent, preservative and mineral supplement
Glycerol (NM) - 
produced as by-product from various processes involving natural oils and used as a humectant and stabiliser
Green tea (N) - 
used as a fragrance
Hemp oil (N) - 
cold pressed oil from hemp seeds, very useful as a lubricant
Icaridin (S) - 
a synthetic repellent, icaridin resembles the natural compound piperine, an essential oil in black pepper. originally made for human use and also suitable for animals.  It at least equals, and generally out-performs DEET against midges, mosquitoes and other biting flies. It is extremely safe when used as indicated, is very gentle to the skin, is non-sticky, has no irritating or sensitising potential, has a minimal rate of absorbtion and is suitable around pets, pregnant women and young children.  In contrast to DEET and many other strong repellents, it has no adverse impact on plastics, synthetics, plastic coatings or sealing materials so it won't ruin your watch, your mobile or your tack.
Excellent safety record and very low environmental impact.  Hypo-allergenic. 

Iodine (N) - 
naturally occurring in sea water, dissolved in alcohol and used as an antiseptic
Liquid Paraffin (NM) - 
a highly refined mineral oil used for softening and lubricating and adding water retention
Magnesium sulphate (N) - 
see Epsom salts
dl Methionine (N) - 
naturally occurring amino acid used in feed supplements
Neem oil (N) - 
an essential oil extracted from neem tree leaves and used as a natural repellent to many fly species
Paraffin wax (NM) - 
a mineral wax used to thicken and add water repellency
Rubbing alcohol (NM) - 
a blend of alcohols used as a solvent and liniment
Silver ions  (NM) - 
a broad ranging germicidal agent

Talc (N) a natually occurring silicate mineral similar to clay
Tea Tree oil (N) - 
an essential oil extracted from tea tree leaves used as an antiseptic
Wintergreen oil (N) -  
an essential oil from the wintergreen species used as a liniment
Xanthan gum (N) - 
a natural plant extract used as a thickener for water- based gels and sprays
Zinc oxide (N) - 
naturally occurring ore of zinc used in feed supplements and skin preparations

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