Biteback Horse 'Mudbar'™ Waterproof Barrier Cream

The Biteback Mudbar range has been developed to help protect the legs of horses which have been exposed to mud and rain.  If left wet, the skin’s natural barrier function can be compromised and the legs become susceptible to infections. 

Mudbar is a soothing cream which enhances the skin's natural waterproof function creating a more effective barrier to adverse conditions. It can therefore be used as a preventative measure during periods when the legs are frequently wet or muddy

  • Ingredients include: benzyl benzoate to soothe and moisten; liquid paraffin and waxes to  lubricate and form a waterproof barrier; glycerin to soften hard skin and scabs; allantoin to support hair and skin renewal; sulfur to restore suppleness, and bog myrtle oil for its aromatic properties
  • How to apply: spread lightly on affected areas and massage in by hand, twice a day.

We do recommend applying our creams to thoroughly dry skin, so if your horse is coming in from a muddy field and being washed down, you are advised to ensure the area to be covered is dried off with a clean towel then finished with a drying powder. We use Flowers and Zinc drying powder, massaged in by hand until the area feels dry

  • Cruelty free and environmentally kind
  • No harsh preservatives, perfumes, parabens, silicones or indeed any unnecessary cosmetic ingredients
  • All ingredients are FEI legal

We also offer Mudbar Plus which is recommended for skin that is already damaged.

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After expensive vet bills and un-necessary suffering with steroids, we found this amazing product.
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