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Biteback 'Tac-Tick'™ Tick and Flea Spray

Biteback Tac-Tick is a safe and highly effective spray which repels ticks and fleas and prevents them from attaching to your pet. Spraying directly onto an attached tick will both kill it and cause it to drop off.

  • Ingredients include: 20% Icaridin, the World Health Organisation's preferred repellent which resembles the natural compound piperine, an essential oil in black pepper; liquid paraffin to soften skin; vegetable waxes and xanthan gum to create the right consistency; and softened water.  Gentle formula with no harsh or harmful chemicals, which will also condition your pet's coat and not dry the skin.
  • Icaridin is environmentally friendly and, at this 20% concentration, is safe to use around other pets and young children
  • How to apply:  
    • Simply spray and brush or comb through once a week, and especially before your pet goes out exploring the countryside!  
    • The Canyon spray is very fine and is economical in use: the 250ml spray should last a dog at least two months.   
    • When fleas have been found on the pet, apply Tac-Tick every 2 days and comb through with a fine flea comb, until no more are found, when you can revert to once a week.  If fleas are found on a pet, launder all bedding at 60 degrees to prevent re-occurrence

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