Biteback 'Tac-Tick'™ Ultra-Safe Tick Spray

Biteback Tac-Tick™ provides a full service solution for ticks:  not only will it prevent them attaching in the first place, but you can also use it to painlessly remove them.

Disease-carrying ticks are found across the U.K., but are particularly prevalent in parks and countryside.  They wait in the long grass for an opportunity to attach themselves to people and pets, and they can often go un-noticed at first.  Unfortunately they can transmit bacteria and other microbes when they bite, including Lyme's Disease, which can cause long term health issues.

Used before expeditions outdoors, Biteback's Tac-Tick will prevent parasites such as ticks attaching in the first place.  If a tick has already attached, applying the lotion (using a cotton bud) will cause it to drop off within a couple of days.

We've carefully chosen ingredients that are effective, yet gentle and kind.   They include: 20% Icaridin, a plant-based repellent, liquid paraffin as a skin softener, emusifiers and stabilisers to mix the aqueous and oil ingredients, and softened water.  This is a gentle formula with no harsh or harmful chemicals, so won't dry the skin.

  • Icaridin is environmentally friendly and, at this 20% concentration, is safe to use around pets and young children
  • Simply spray onto exposed areas, especially before going out exploring the countryside


  • Icaridin, Liquid Paraffin, emulsifiers (sorbitan laurate, polyglyceryl-4 laurate, dilauryl citrate), stabiliser (hydroxypropyl starch phosphate), softened water

Hand made in the UK, cruelty-free and vegan  © 2019

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