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Our aim to produce applications and treatments for skin problems in horses and dogs that are:

  • SAFE, which means we will not use any ingredients which are known to cause irritation or which may exacerbate existing conditions. We will use dilutions and combinations recommended by the manufacturer. We will use reputable UK suppliers
  • NATURAL, which means we will choose to use ingredients which are of natural, vegetable origin
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, which means we will not use ingredients such as permethrin insecticides that are potentially harmful to aquatic or terrestrial wildlife
  • AFFORDABLE, which means we will endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible by careful choice of supplier and economical methods of production
  • UNIQUE, which means you will rarely find these products in the shops – we will make them all from our original recipes in small batches by hand
  • GUARANTEED, which means we will immediately replace any product at our own expense that is damaged or sent in error or fails to make a difference to the condition it has been purchased for
  • SUPPORTED, which means that we will make ourselves constantly available to answer customer questions and concerns about our products
  • EFFICIENT, which means we will aim to streamline all our contacts with customers and get our products out on the day they are ordered
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