Q.   There are a lot of products on your website.  Which should I use on my horse?

You may find this product guide useful.  If you're still struggling, drop us an email or call us - we are happy to help.

Itchy Horses

Q.   My horse suffers from seasonal itching caused by midge bites.  Which of your products would you recommend?

A. It depends on the severity of the condition.  What we would do with our horses is:  if there are any open lesions, begin by using Sweet Relief Silver cream on those specific areas and spray the surrounding affected areas with Sweet Relief Lotion, rubbing in with fingers or rubber curry comb.  If things are a little less severe, use the Sweet Relief Cream on the worst bits instead of the Silver plus the Lotion as above.  If still fairly mild, just use the Lotion.  Initially, use twice a day, late afternoon/early evening being the most important.  When under control, you can reduce to just that once a day.  The most important thing is that you must be quite fanatical about applying every day.  We apply to ours from mid-March until late November and he stays perfect without any other protection.  Miss a day and those midges will be straight back in and kick the symptoms off again.  For that all-over protection, we would also use one of our repellents – Neem Supreme, or Biff! if there is any chance of a reaction to Neem, or Summer Nights (not quite as strong, but excellent midge protection.  

Q.  I've used your Sweet Relief lotion before and have just started to use it again now the weather has started to change. I've noticed tonight that an application that I put on earlier in the week has led to virtually all of the skin on the crest of the mane shedding off in large pieces.  I've also noticed that in some areas the skin has almost gone slightly thick / scabby. Can you let me know if this is something you expect after the application of the product.

A. The flaking skin is a normal process when you apply the lotion to skin that has built up a bit of thickening from previous exposure to bites. The flakes of old skin that slough off can be quite large and unsightly but they are cosmetic and will brush out and gradually be replaced by healthy new skin.   However if the skin becomes more irritated, reddened or broken after application, then there's a chance that your horse is reacting to something in the lotion and you should contact me to discuss the next step. 

Q. I have a Fell pony with very bad seasonal itch, his skin was red raw all over when I was given him. Last year I kept his itch under control with a Boett rug and face mask and by using benzole on his legs and Neem oil inside his back legs and sheath. After reading about your products I ordered Sweet Relief and Summer Nights and have been using them on him once a day ( 3-4pm) up until 4 days ago no sign of any itching and them suddenly overnight he has itched his mane and around his eyes.

Can you advise me how I should be using your products to try and help him stay comfortable?

A.  I wonder whether you need to step up the strength of the treatment a little for times such as these by trying the Sweet Relief cream? This goes on a bit thicker but is still very easy to apply as it is an aqueous cream. It doesn't make the hair excessively greasy. You use it in the same way - massaging in with fingers. 

Q. I've been using your Sweet Relief cream and spray on our pony. He's been doing really well and has not had to wear his fly rug that much this year. However, having concentrated on his mane and tail areas I have not focused on his face. He has suddenly had a horrid flare up under his forelock and where his star is, it's very sore and hot. I'm trying a variety of things to try and calm it down.  Last year coconut oil worked well to soothe and soften the scabs. I've put Sudocrem on it, your Sweet Relief cream and also tried Flamazine this morning.  I've even tried spraying on colloidal silver water. I just wondered if you have anything else I could try?

A. Our spotted pony has started to get an itchy face and brow this summer.  I found him with a horrible bright red bloody rub on one side of his face a few weeks ago. I bathed it in a bit of warm water with bicarbonate of soda and a splash of vinegar to calm things down a bit. Dabbed it dry. I powdered it a bit to finish drying (I use Biteback Flowers and Zinc) then applied our Flamazine equivalent - Sweet Relief Silver. It scabbed over by next day and by the 4th day was lovely and dry and well on the way to healing.  I still apply Sweet Relief silver to the area once a day and am using Sweet relief cream on both sides and under forelock morning and evening, just to relieve the itch and stop it happening again. Sounds as if you are doing similar things. My motto is don't panic and try a lot of things at once but keep it simple so you don't make things worse. If you try something new, give it a day or so to work before abandoning it, unless of course, it has exacerbated the condition. 

Feather Mites:

Q.  I have a very feathery pony who is also itchy, I have seen Neem oil advertised & wonder if it could help - the problem is she is very young & from a rescue centre & is hating anything smelly around her feet, & mane. I also want something that will make brushing feathers easy, & silky.

A. I think regular spraying and massaging into the skin of our Sweet Relief lotion should shift them.  It is very gentle at 13.5% benzyl benzoate (acaricide - kills mites), skin conditioning and pleasant smelling so should do what you want.  If she is afraid of sprays you can sponge it on or you can use Sweet Relief cream which also massages in very easily as it is an aqueous cream and is very light.


Q. My mare suffers with really itchy legs , and scabs behind her knees - I have tried numerous products (including injections from the vet formites) but nothing seems to work.   I have looked at your website but can't see any products specifically for treating itchy legs.    Do you sell any products that may ease her itchiness?   I feel so sorry for her as it must be so uncomfortable.  

A. I think I would try Sweet Relief lotion spray on her legs generally especially in the fetlock area, massaging in with fingers and Sweet Relief Silver behind the 'knees'. Keep this up twice a day if possible for a few weeks at least before assessing whether there has been an improvement. If the scabs disappear you can discontinue the Silver but use Sweet Relief cream to prevent further episodes. I am not a vet so can only advise on the use of my products.  Hope this helps.

Fly Repellents vs. Anti-Itch

Q.  I just wanted to ask your advice on the best way to use your products.  I have two fly sensitive horses - one tissue skinned TB who has already had sarcoids, and is permanently troubled by any flying insects, and one older cob who has seasonal itch and also seems to be sensitive/allergic to some products. I bought Biff! as a fly repellent, and Sweet Relief as a topical cream for itchy bits. Now I have read the labels, I realise that the Sweet Relief is also an insect repellent. Is there an optimal way to use these products to reduce both bites and manage itching?

A. Both your TB and cob should be fine with Biff, applied everywhere twice a day. It is a very simple formula. The cob will additionally benefit from application of the cream into the base of mane and tail, massaging in with fingers. Apply around 6pm if you can.  Try a quick patch test on a sensitive area first though – e.g. inside of thigh. Hope they work well for you.

Fly Repellents

Q. Hi, which of your products do you recommend as a fly deterrent, having tried everything on the market my cob seems to attract horse flies and midges.  He is currently clipped as he works hard driving and is a hairy cob without clipping! But he is a bit itchy at times from being bitten. I am also going to order something for my itchy dog!

A. Sounds like a job for Neem Supreme or Biff! They are basically the same – 20% Icaridin – but we put Biff! on the market to help those that have a bad reaction to Neem, or can’t stand the smell of it! You won’t find anything more effective against horse flies. You may see them but they won’t land.

Now for the dog. If it is just itchy feet, then we would use the Sweet Relief dog Cream. If it is more extensive and the coat is short, either that or the Sweet Relief Dog Lotion. If it is a long or wiry coat, we would use the lotion and work it in with a brush. 

Dog Itchy Skin

Q. My dogs are at their itchiest at this time of year. There is no loss of hair and their skin is not dry or flaky. i can only conclude it is irritation caused by grass mites for similar.  Will Sweet Relief Dog Cream work on mites or would you recommend the flea and tick spray?

A. We would suggest that you might be better with our Biteback Sweet Relief Lotion Spray. It has the same active ingredients as the cream, but would be easier to apply on the whole dog (avoid eyes!). We would use the cream on specific smaller problem areas, such as feet or areas or eczema. Either will deal with any mites. We would also suggest that whilst the Sweet Relief will kill any mites, to prevent re-infestation with mites, ticks or fleas you might also get Biteback Tac-Tick, which is a top-quality safe, non-toxic repellent. Tac-Tick won't kill them, but it does keep them off very successfully and, if used in conjunction with a good flea comb and regular laundering of bedding, will successfully eradicate fleas. 


Q. Can you tell me if your Tac-Tick spray is safe to use on cats?

A. There should be no problem. The active ingredient, Icaridin, is made by Bayer for human use, originally against malaria mosquitoes, and is the World Health Organization’s preferred insect repellent. It is a very safe substance that can be used on pregnant women and toddlers. Our daughter uses it on her cat, she doesn’t spray it on directly but onto the flea comb and her hand and combs it through the coat. She only needs to use the lotion once a week. She hasn’t had a sign of fleas or ticks since she started this regime and she feels much better not using the spot-on chemical which is much more invasive. The lotion lasts ages so you’ll only need a 250ml bottle.

Use of products

Q.  How do I know that your products are safe to use on my animals?

A.  Please see our ingredients page for a full list of what we use.  We take great care to select innocuous, hypo allergenic products, and avoid detergents, alcohol and parabens, so it's highly unlikely that you will experience an allergic reaction.  However, we always advise a patch test when trialling a product for the first time.

Q.  What if your products do not work for me?

If you've carefully followed the instructions on how to use the product and still see no effect, please give us a call and chat to us in the first instance.  We will try our best to help.


Q. I saw your products on a Facebook page from the UK. Do you ship to the USA?

A. Unfortunately, the current terms of our product liability insurance prevent us from knowingly selling to North America - anywhere else in the world we are fine for.  However we are completely transparent about the ingredients of our products and they are listed on our website. That might give you a good indication as to what you might be looking for in products that are available there. 

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